City Products Sub-station

Click the button to jump to the enterprise site to view the effect. After installing the app, the link selects the corresponding city product page.

Instructions for use:

The site can use the text or button of [city substation] to the corresponding position, and add the link of the city list page. the classification name of the city product page and the title in the list have been changed, and the title structure in the city product details page has been changed. please do not delete the change, otherwise the city cannot take it with you.

Specific parameter transmission method: select the application data source of the city product on the city in the city product list page cycle, and establish a parameter of "transfer city". after the parameter is established, select the parameter just established on the city list page, and link to the custom page to the city product page for parameter transmission. The city product page will have the name of the city,(A seo parameter is added here to pass the city parameter in the data source of the city product.)So as to achieve classification, product names with city names. Second, the product classification, title, also need to establish a parameter, which is the default parameter of the loop body, and use the link custom page to transfer the parameters, so as to achieve the same link effect of clicking on the city, classification and product name. Similarly, the cities on the product title on the details page are also transmitted in the same way.


City products are not recommended to manually change the list and details. Unless you understand the principle.

Principle: If manual classification is required and the list title needs to be used in the text, a container is established, divided into two columns, and the corresponding data source (transmission method is above) is linked, the container code mode is opened, the div in the innermost list and classification title is changed to H6 (H1 can be used for details), then the city and classification title (product title) are opened in the code mode, and div is changed to span and other labels, so that the city with the title under a label, to achieve the search engine will be 2 different data into a complete label.


Background Product Management TDK Settings Required

When using the application of city products, it is necessary to set seo parameter settings, setting methods, application-find corresponding application-product management-general rule settings for the corresponding application in the background TDK, and set seo optimization parameter product name or classification name or page name on the title settings of classification pages, list pages and detail pages. Key words and descriptions are not set as far as possible to prevent semantic errors.