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Smart street lamp/QH-ZHG01

Smart street lights can integrate a variety of sensors and devices, such as cameras, environmental monitors, Wi-Fi hotspots, and public information release screens. These devices can provide traffic monitoring, environmental monitoring, wireless communication, information dissemination and other services.

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    Camera, wireless Wi-Fi, traffic monitoring, LED lighting, advertising display, charging pile, environmental monitoring, public information release screen, etc.

    Applicable environment:

    Park, square, commercial street, pedestrian street and other convenient activity center

    Smart street light is a kind of outdoor lighting equipment that integrates a variety of advanced technologies. It is not only a lighting facility, but also an important part of a smart city. The following are the main features and functions of smart street lights:

    1. High efficiency and energy saving: Smart street lights can automatically adjust the brightness and lighting range according to actual needs and traffic flow to achieve efficient use of energy. It can also use renewable energy sources such as solar energy to further reduce energy consumption.

    2. Multi-function integration: Smart street lights can integrate a variety of sensors and devices, such as cameras, environmental monitors, Wi-Fi hotspots, public information release screens, etc. These devices can provide traffic monitoring, wireless communication, and other services.

    3. Intelligent management: Through the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology, smart street lights can realize remote monitoring and management, understand the working status, energy consumption, traffic flow and other information of street lights in real time, and make corresponding adjustments and optimizations.

    Improve the image of the city: The design of smart street lights is usually more modern and beautiful, which can enhance the overall image of the city. At the same time, by integrating multiple functions, smart street lights can also provide citizens with more convenient and comfortable services.

    In general, smart street lights are an important part of smart city construction. By integrating a variety of advanced technologies and equipment, it realizes the integration of lighting, transportation, environmental monitoring, wireless communication and other functions, which is for the development of the city and citizens. The life brings more convenience and comfort.


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