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The waterproof structure and ultra-redundant heat dissipation lamp body after 100% rigorous testing ensure my environmental protection and heat dissipation. The spatial structure of photoelectric separation makes the temperature of "I" more secure. Get rid of the face cover and let me have the function of self-cleaning glass.

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    Square, park, scenic spot, etc.

    1、LED lighting refers to the process of urban night lighting and landscape lighting. LED has many advantages, such as high brightness, low energy consumption, long life, environmental protection, etc., so it has been widely used in the field of night lighting.
    2、LED lighting projects usually include buildings, roads, bridges, parks, squares and other urban elements of the lighting design and installation. LED lighting can also promote the development of urban tourism and attract more tourists and investors.

    The main functions of landscape lights are as follows:

       1, beautify the environment: LED lighting not only has the effect of beautifying the city, but also can improve the safety and recognizability of the city.

    2, provide lighting: appropriate lighting can illuminate the road, reduce traffic accidents, and can make the city more attractive and dynamic.

    3. Create an atmosphere: Through the use of LED lamps and control systems, a variety of lighting effects and scene changes can be achieved, creating a beautiful, safe and comfortable city night view.

       4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Choose reliable LED lamps and control systems to ensure lighting effects and safety. Fully consider the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, and adopt reasonable energy consumption management and control measures.

    In short, LED lighting is one of the important means of urban night lighting and landscape lighting, which can bring beautiful, safe and sustainable development to the city. In the future of urban construction, LED lighting will continue to play an important role.


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