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Common methods of gas wall-mounted boiler maintenance

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2022/05/20 14:44

In the past, what problems often occur during the use of gas wall-mounted boilers? How to judge whether gas wall-mounted boilers should be repaired? Today we will talk about the maintenance of gas wall-mounted boilers. After the gas wall-mounted boiler fails, the user can unplug the power plug of the wall-mounted boiler and close the gas main valve to ensure safety. Nowadays, multimedia is developing rapidly. Users can use WeChat and other multimedia under the guidance of professionals to carry out simple maintenance of gas wall-mounted boilers, such as leakage detection of gas circuits and heating systems. In addition, users should trust official website and are not allowed to make unauthorized calls to repair unknown gas wall-mounted boilers. Handle bills to prevent disputes in the future; Find a good after-sales service to replace the machine. For construction personnel, in the specific process of gas wall-mounted boiler maintenance, they should also fully understand the design and installation specifications of the entire heating system, and according to the performance characteristics of the product, popularize daily maintenance instructions for users, and consider the user's usage habits to facilitate users Use. The maintenance method of gas wall hanging boiler: replace the control equipment. 7. The flame sensing needle does not touch the flame. Maintenance method: adjust the flame sensing needle to a position where it can contact a large or small fire. As far as possible inside and outside the flame junction. 8. The flue is not installed correctly. Maintenance method of gas wall-mounted boiler: It is strictly forbidden to connect the intake and exhaust flue with the public flue and move it outdoors. 9. Install the intake and exhaust pipes in the public flue. Maintenance method of gas wall-mounted boiler: If the smoke pipe is normal after removing the smoke pipe, it means that the smoke pipe is not connected correctly and needs to be reconnected.

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