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Electric wall hanging furnace: the difference between electric wall hanging furnace and gas wall hanging furnace

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2022/05/20 14:44

Do you know the difference between electric wall-mounted boiler and gas wall-mounted boiler? Then, the editor of electric wall-mounted boiler will give you a brief introduction. Use energy to distinguish between gas boiler using natural gas, electric boiler using electricity. From everyone's understanding of the use of large electrical appliances, we all know that great power is common sense. When large appliances work, the instrument will rotate significantly! At the same time, if there are too many household appliances, keeping the electric furnace working 24 hours a day will seriously affect the power grid and easily cause safety accidents. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure its normal use during the peak power consumption period. Thermal efficiency comparison In terms of thermal efficiency, gas wall-mounted boilers account for about 92% on average, while electric wall-mounted boilers use electricity, and the thermal efficiency is almost 100%. There is a slight advantage to powering the boiler. Practical comparison The practicality of wall-mounted boiler heating is related to the convenience of our daily life. Using a wall-mounted boiler has two advantages, one is intelligent temperature control and home heating. One is to provide domestic hot water at the same time. Therefore, as for who is more convenient to use electricity or natural gas, Xiaoyuan believes that the current global power grid is basically unblocked, but not all cities can use natural gas. However, it is not difficult to find that the new natural gas has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and no pollution, which is the appeal advocated by the world. Safety performance differences There is a risk when the media used in any product is not completely safe. Therefore, electric wall-mounted boilers and gas wall-mounted boilers will have certain safety risks, and electrical damage and gas combustion are a very terrible consequence. However, as far as the installation location of the gas wall-mounted boiler is concerned, it is mainly installed in a well-ventilated place, which can not only ensure its use, but also reduce the damage of natural gas to the family. The wall-mounted electric boiler may leak electricity. It will cause immeasurable damage. Gas wall-mounted boilers and electric wall-mounted boilers usually have more advantages. In contrast, the electric wall hanging furnace and gas wall hanging furnace have their own advantages and disadvantages. Gas wall-mounted boilers and electric wall-mounted boilers have excellent heating functions and comfortable constant temperature hot water, and their safety is also very good. When in use, it has 48 times the safety protection function, waterway overpressure protection, overheating protection, dry burning protection, flameout protection, air leakage protection, exhaust gas safety protection, etc., to fully protect the safety and health of you and your family. Zhongshan Han Le Electric Co., Ltd. produces electric wall-mounted boilers with good technology, excellent products and low prices. Welcome to negotiate cooperation!

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