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How to maintain the gas wall-mounted boiler

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2022/05/20 14:44

At present, many families install gas wall-mounted boilers in the bathroom because it has a personalized adjustment of the bathroom temperature. However, for the gas wall-mounted boilers that we often use, do we all know how to maintain the gas wall-mounted boilers? Let us understand the maintenance methods of gas wall-mounted boilers. As the scale attached to the inner wall of the heat exchanger continues to thicken, the diameter of the heat exchanger tube will become smaller and smaller, and the water flow will become unsmooth, which not only increases the burden on the pump and the pump. It also reduces the heat exchange efficiency of the gas wall-mounted boiler. The main manifestations are the increase in gas wall-mounted boiler consumption, insufficient heating, hot and cold sanitary hot water and hot water reduction. If the heat exchange components of the gas wall-mounted boiler are finally maintained at such a high load state, the damage to the gas wall-mounted boiler will be very serious, especially the plate heat exchanger is more harmful. Users should pay special attention to the choice of the wall-mounted boiler brand. Most of the heaters we use are made of cast iron. The sand mold residue and other impurities in the radiator cannot be completely removed during the engineering installation; in addition, the water in the heating system is always closed and circulated, and the heating part of the gas wall-hung furnace has no filter, so that the corrosion residue in the heater and the pipeline The impurities of the water itself enter the heat, and the heater passes through the circulating pump of the gas wall-hung furnace again. These impurities will continue to decompose at high temperatures, and some of them will scale and adhere to the gas wall furnace. The inner wall of the gas wall-mounted boiler makes its pipe diameter thinner. Therefore, the pressure of the circulating pump is further increased, and long-term operation will reduce or even jam the circulating pump speed of the gas wall-mounted boiler, which will seriously affect its service life. For the heating system, since the heating sheet will accumulate a large amount of impurities when it is used for the first time, it is recommended to drain the dirty water after one year of use, refill it with new water, and replace it after a few years. Because a large amount of alkali is introduced every time the water is changed, the alkali content in the fixed water is certain; therefore, the water in the heating system should not be changed frequently. After the heating season is over, you only need to clean and maintain the gas wall-mounted boiler separately. The above is the maintenance content of the gas wall-mounted boiler, I hope to help you.

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