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Miura boiler: the application of boiler must check the safety hazards?

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2022/05/24 09:07

If we use the Miura boiler, if we feel that some wrong areas must be stopped immediately and checked. Otherwise, once a safety accident occurs, the adverse effects will be very serious. What security risks should we eliminate?


1. Safety risks of operating and igniting system software

1) Internal leakage of the burner: If there is leakage in the burner valve, the leakage measuring instrument equipped with the burner is invalid, or the burner is not equipped with a leakage measuring instrument at all, and flammable gas enters the furnace, once ignited, it will cause the furnace to explode. This is one of the key reasons for the explosion of the Miura boiler.

2) Insufficient ignition: The combustion of natural gas caused by poor operation of the air-fuel ratio of the burner will not cause CO poisoning in the clinic of the steam boiler room.

3) Empty burning: If the low water line alarm and the very low water line lock protector are invalid, it is easy to cause the boiler to dry. If emergency measures are not taken, improper power supply will cause boiler explosion.

2. Sanpu boiler room gas pipeline leakage or exhaust pipe leakage poisoning or explosion.


3. The safety risks of Sanpu boiler safety accessories include valves, thermometers, barometers, intelligent water meters, etc. Failure to regularly maintain or timely carry out sewage discharge tests as required, resulting in invalid safety accessories and instruments and equipment;

4. The Sanpu boiler uses working pressure for actual operation. The overpressure operation of the working pressure boiler will inevitably damage the human body of the boiler, and even cause safety risks in the operation of the Miura boiler.

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