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Problems needing attention when using wall-mounted boiler

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2022/05/25 14:00

The era of heating in the north and shaking in the south has gradually disappeared. Even if there is still no central heating in the south, there is still a heating device called a wall-mounted boiler, which is convenient, flexible, healthy, comfortable and suitable for heating. So many people choose to use gas wall-mounted boilers in places where there is no central heating. Wall-mounted boiler is a kind of precision equipment integrating water and electricity, and its safety is extremely important. Today, Brother Song will share with you some safety knowledge and energy saving skills about using wall-mounted boilers, so that you can enjoy a warm and comfortable life in the coming cooling season.. The gas type specified on the product nameplate label (natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, etc.) must be used, and it cannot be used universally). 2. The wall-mounted boiler should be installed in the kitchen or on the enclosed balcony, but not in the bathroom or bedroom.. When the ambient temperature may freeze, the furnace wall must be energized. In the standby state, as long as the gas is unblocked, the main circulation pipeline is unblocked, and the heating system is under normal water pressure, the antifreeze function of the wall-mounted boiler and the anti-interference protection of the pump will play a role. Once the wall-mounted boiler, pipe and radiator do not meet one of the above conditions, it may be damaged by freezing, and even cause a safety accident. In winter, if there is a long-term power outage or power outage, or if you do not live at home for a long time, the environment is likely to freeze. You should drain the water from the heating system to prevent freezing damage. 4. The supplementary pressure is 1.0-1.5bar. Please close the supplementary valve, otherwise the overpressure safety valve of the heating system will always leak, which may saturate the indoor items. If the pressure is too high during water replenishment, the water can be discharged through the drain valve or exhaust valve on the radiator. When the wall-mounted boiler is working, the pressure will rise, which is a normal phenomenon caused by water expansion during heating. Most wall-mounted boilers have overpressure protection and pressure relief devices. When the system pressure exceeds the normal value, the user will be prompted to reduce the pressure. Improper installation of the wall-mounted boiler exhaust system will cause flue gas backflow and incomplete combustion. Incomplete combustion will produce indoor hypoxia, affecting the health of users. Therefore, it is recommended to use the original pipe when installing the wall-mounted boiler, and the installation position of the flue must not be changed at will. If you move or need to change the installation location, you need to contact professional maintenance personnel for on-site treatment. Household wall-mounted stoves are mostly installed in the kitchen, but refrigerators, ovens, induction cookers and other appliances are often placed in the kitchen. These household appliances radiate strongly. When using strong radiation appliances, keep a certain distance from the wall-mounted boiler as far as possible, so as not to affect the normal operation of the wall-mounted boiler.

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